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PROEN in the USA

Expanding horizon from India to the US

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An Exclusive Platform Agnostic CLM Service Provider

Simplify your contract management process with ease

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Your ultimate partner in contract authoring and negotiation

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One-Stop Solution for All your CLM Needs

Experience a captivating video unveiling our exclusive CLM boutique service offerings, designed to expertly guide you through the transformation of your contract management processes!

Key highlights of our offerings

Our comprehensive range of services is designed to empower your business with the necessary support to navigate through the digital age successfully.

Digital Transformation

We offer comprehensive digital transformation solutions tailored to optimize your contract lifecycle management processes.


We are a team of experts dedicated to providing specialized guidance for integrating and maximizing the benefits of CLM solutions.

Paralegal Service

We provide expert legal support, assisting with research, document preparation, legacy data abstraction, template and clause creation, etc.

Technology Development

Our expertise lies in developing platform-agnostic features that cater to your specific needs, enabling you to achieve your business goals.

Managed Services

Our Managed Services provide end-to-end support and comprehensive administrative services for all aspects of your CLM system.

Staff Augmentation

We provide skilled professionals on-demand to augment your existing team, allowing you to scale your workforce efficiently.

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Embrace Digital Transformation with PROEN


Ensures seamless service delivery and harmonious stakeholder interactions throughout.

Time Saving

Enhances service efficiency and accelerated delivery for optimal customer satisfaction.


Establishes uniform processes and procedures and maximizing productivity gains.


Empowers organizations to effectively manage risks and adhere to regulatory requirements.


Enables organizations to achieve higher productivity and reduced manual effort.


Facilitates seamless adaptation & expansion of contract management capabilities.

Partners & Customers


"PROEN's team consistently impresses us with their professionalism, knowledge, and dedication. They have a deep understanding of the CLM space and exhibit strong technical expertise in the solutions we work with. Right from the start, they have demonstrated accountability and a problem-solving attitude. They genuinely care about our project's success, offering valuable ideas to enhance our and our customers' experiences. Working with PROEN is a pleasure due to their clear processes, open communication, and utmost professionalism. We highly recommend PROEN's team to others seeking to scale their resources."
Marc Doucette koho
Marc Doucette
Founder & CEO of Koho Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Implementing CLM brings numerous advantages, including streamlined processes, enhanced visibility and control, improved compliance, optimized contract terms, cost savings, strengthened relationships, data-driven insights, streamlined audits, and seamless integrations. These benefits contribute to better contract management, reduced risks, improved efficiency, and ultimately, improved business outcomes.

CLM can greatly assist with contract negotiations by offering a collaborative platform, version control, automated workflows, clause libraries, real-time tracking of changes, approval management, document comparison, contract analytics, and secure documentation. These capabilities streamline the negotiation process, enhance communication, and facilitate more efficient and successful outcomes.

CLM improves contract compliance by promoting standardization, automating compliance checks, providing alerts and reminders, maintaining a transparent audit trail, identifying and mitigating risks, offering contract analytics, and enabling collaboration and integration with compliance systems. These capabilities support organizations in meeting their contractual obligations and reducing the risk of non-compliance, penalties, and legal disputes

CLM is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It offers benefits such as improved efficiency, enhanced compliance, risk mitigation, streamlined contract negotiations, cost savings, improved relationships, data-driven insights, scalability, and customization. These benefits apply to businesses of all sizes, helping them optimize their contract management processes and achieve better business outcomes.

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