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Streamline Contract Digitization with our Legacy Data Extractor application leveraging the latest technology to revolutionize the way you handle legacy contracts. 

Data Extraction as a Service: Key Features and Benefits

Data Extractor Application
Quick and Accurate Data Extraction:

Our powerful engine swiftly and accurately recognizes information and attributes. With lightning-fast speed, you can extract data from multiple contracts swiftly. In case of any erroneous data or duplicate data extraction gets verified by our expert para-legal team to ensure data extraction accuracy >98%

Data Extractor Application
Customizable Data Fields:

Tailor the data extraction process to your specific requirements. Define and customize the data fields you want to extract, ensuring that you capture the precise information you need from your contracts.

Data Extractor Application
Centralized Contract Repository:

Easily organize and store all your digitized contracts in one centralized repository. Accessible anytime, anywhere, this secure cloud-based platform provides a single source of truth for all your contract-related information.

Data Extractor Application
Advanced Search and Retrieval:

Instantly locate specific contracts or key contract clauses using our powerful search functionality. Save time by quickly navigating through your digital contracts and retrieving the information you need on demand.

Data Extractor Application
Advanced Compliance and Risk Management:

 Ensure regulatory compliance and minimize risk with our Legacy Data Extractor Application. Gain better visibility into your contracts, identify critical dates, and track obligations, enabling proactive management and mitigating potential risks.

Data Extraction as a Service - How It Works:

Steps Data Etractor

Don’t let legacy contracts hold you back. Embrace the future of contract management with Proen’s Legacy Data Extractor application. Save time, reduce errors, and unlock the hidden potential of your contract data.
Streamline your contract management process and take control of your legacy contracts like never before.

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