Search Content in Agreement Documents at Lightning Speed using CLM Smart Search

Search Content in Agreement Documents at Lightning Speed using CLM

Knowledge history can be divided into two categories: the pre-Google era and the post-Google period. Like the B.C. and A.C. ages, humanity’s approach to information has manifested very differently on the two sides of this white fence. Gone are the days of endlessly thumbing through books and journals in a dark, cozy library. Now we want and can have information at the tap of a thumb. Time, patience, and precision have been significantly redefined after the advent of search engines. 

The habits, expectations, and approaches are no different when searching for information in a contract lifecycle management context.

Understanding the information paradigm in contract lifecycle management (CLM)

Project managers and business function heads need their work to be smooth, fast, seamless, and not wait for data. They want quick, precise, and actionable information so that they can do their jobs better.

As with the explosion of digitalization, companies continue to struggle with fundamental data issues. As per a Deloitte survey of technology leaders in 2022, 45 percent found collecting and maintaining large volumes of data as their biggest problem. The same came up as the third most significant challenge for 23 percent of enterprises. This survey also found a huge need for better technologies to collect data, make sense of it, and make it meaningful. Organizations also struggle with getting a holistic view of their entire enterprise’s data landscape and identifying sensitive data.

This explains why the list of expectations for CLM also entails the following:

  1. Capabilities for swift extraction of specific contract information.
  2. A quick search of specific bits like contract details, supporting documentation, timelines, progress, etc.
  3. Intuitive abilities for keyword search – and exact matching of the query to results.
  4. Simple and user-friendly experience for this search- amenable across the contract database and not limited to one file.
  5. Complete coverage of all data points related to contracts through contract lifecycle management. 
  6. Easy integration of contract lifecycle management with other processes and information systems.
  7. Fast uploads and document archival.
  8. Compliance-friendly and OCR-friendly documentation.
  9. Prompt indexing and uploads in CLM.
  10. Smart enablement of custom fields, sorting, tracking, repository, alerts, data-sharing, and collaboration.
  11. Advanced search features, filters, and configurations.
  12. Ability to customize results, reports, and CLM dashboards.
  13. Work-driven approaches like easy drag-and-drop, folders, tags, titles, and metadata.
  14. Decision-making ease driven by the correct data in a lightning-fast way
  15. A visualization that leads to better decisions and actions for anything in contract lifecycle management.
  16. High level of security, support, and integration.
  17. The ease of doing it all anywhere one is sitting – from any device.

What you ask is what you get in contract lifecycle management (CLM)

It’s time to throw away heavy files, cabinets, and the headache pills one needs. Instead, it’s time to embrace the accessible, intuitive, result-oriented, and user-centric environment of CLM. Here, data can be captured and poured out per the exact need of a specific task by a user in the enterprise. 

Solutions from ProEn understand and deliver all these CLM requirements very well and in a grassroots way. Our company has designed a compelling and detailed solution that addresses the speed, detail, granularity, and last-mile experience aspects of CLM document search. It has been crafted with an unrelenting focus on digital projects’ security, stability, scalability, and sustainability. This solution straddles contract storage, compliance, and automation. 

ProEn brings innovative technology to the fore innovative technology for centralizing and streamlining contract lifecycle management—and, thus, understands the search aspect profoundly. It has delivered results for any organization with an easy-to-use, central repository for every contract at every contract phase—from initiation through contract renewal.

Searching for something will not make CLM sharper and results-driven unless backed with enough speed and context. By 2025, context-driven analytics and AI models will replace 60 percent of existing models built on traditional data- as Gartner also predicts. It is indicated that by 2023, more than 33 percent of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence, including decision modeling.

It’s important, thus, to empower your people with intelligence that works- when they are fire-fighting in the real world of business issues, demands, and crucial decisions that have to be made ‘there and then.’ 

Everyone can breathe easy once you have chosen the right contract management software for your enterprise, whether it’s your project team, your legal eagles, or your contract managers. After all, they are in the AG age.

To learn more about how robust contract lifecycle management (CLM) can help you in contract creation, negotiation, signing, tracking, and searching, talk to our experts



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