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Who We Are

PROEN, a subsidiary of Carvewing Solutions, offers cutting-edge end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) expertise to help organizations across industries better track, manage and automate every granular step of the contract lifecycle.

We bring deep expertise and broader experience from successfully executing several CLM engagements worldwide. With such experience, proven methodologies, and best practices, we can offer world-class contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions to diverse businesses.

You can leverage our end-to-end contract lifecycle management expertise from implementation to integration, consulting to customization, and development to deployment.

Leveraging our expertise, you can embrace a proactive and systematic way to manage contracts from initiation through award, compliance, and renewal. And build improved capabilities for the management and monitoring of risk.

What We Do

With cutting-edge expertise in emerging technologies and deep domain knowledge across various industries, we help companies digitally transform their contract lifecycle management (CLM). It helps them manage their end-to-end contract processes efficiently and securely and future-proof their business operations.

We will help you with both the buy-side and sell-side contract lifecycle management.

AboutUs Proen

Digitally Transform Contract Management

We will help you migrate physical and digital contracts into a single system for seamless and holistic management so that you can:

Establish consistent contract storage practices
Effectively use predefined and custom templates
Ensure optimal tracking and reporting
Enable efficient remote access and collaboration
Automate the entire contract lifecycle
Minimize feedback loops and amount of iterations
Improve process efficiency with advanced analytics
Fast-track the auditing process and improve compliance
Comply with data protection regulations
Stay abreast of changes with intuitive features
Integrate a secure and compliant e-signature solution
Keep track of your contracts on the go with mobile App

Our Leadership Team

As your business scales and deals with more contracts, you need to digitally transform your contract processes to gain complete visibility and control, improve compliance and contract turnaround times and minimize paperwork.

Veeresh Vastrad - Chief Executive Officer

Veeresh Vastrad is the CEO with more than 10 years of experience in building capable technical organizations. Overall, he has 23 years of experience, and has developed more than 70 signatories in various disciplines and managed technical delegation programs. He has also published technical papers in international journals. He has a vast knowledge of building process-driven organizations and has successfully handled several projects which were safety critical and time-bound. He has taken complete charge of PMO office, Admin office, Finance team, Recruitment, and HR teams, and built a network with vendors and consultants to support the delivery. Bringing scalability and overall profitable growth to the organization is the primary responsibility of Veeresh.


Vishwaswamy - Head of Technology

A technically adept professional with 17+ years in building innovative solutions in the financial and retail industries. He has been a part of several solutions using the latest Microsoft and Open-source Technologies. Has been a part of the core team in building Financial, Retail, and Process driven products in Oracle India, Target India, and Carvewing Solutions. He has been responsible for providing architecture guidance and implementing solutions in AgriTech, Industrial IoT, Process Automation, and Engineering Services to develop Scalable Solutions.


Shashiraja - Chief Revenue Enabler

Shashiraja is the Chief Revenue Enabler of ProEn, a Contract Lifecyle Management wing of Carvewing Solutions. He has been associated with Carvewing Solutions since 2015 and comes with more than 20+ years of experience across various industries. His proficiency lies in product strategy and taking products into the market by providing expertise in various levels of the product lifecycle. Currently, he is on a mission of making business-critical technologies reachable to customers through various solution offerings and capabilities. He has diverse experience in business and technology while also being persistent and inquisitive.

mukund kagatikar

Mukund Kagatikar - Head of Business Development

Mukund Kagatikar serves as an ‘Advisor’ in setting and scaling the CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) practice arm. With two decades of experience in e-commerce and CLM spaces, he has overseen client-facing roles related to value delivery and organizational development initiatives. As part of the CLM journey, he has led multiple global implementation tracks for small, medium, and large-scale companies. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in establishing the 'Partner Enablement' service area for CLM firms and creating a practice area for it. Mukund understands and provides the solution to the client on setting up the right objective for CLM implementation, building best practices for the approach, setting the right composition team to carry out the work, and finally ensuring the business value is achieved by providing needed basis support.

Rajeshkumar Handuja

Rajesh Kumar Handuja - General Manager, Head of Delivery

Rajesh Kumar Handuja is General Manager, heading the delivery operations. He is a veteran from India’s Defense Services and has an overall experience of 36 years. In the corporate world, he has been instrumental and has led from the front building multiple, successful technical teams for various businesses in Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Power and Software/ Digital segments. He has vast experience in driving change, instituting business processes and leading teams to implement the processes and achieve business results. As the Head of Delivery, he is focused to ensure high customer satisfaction and adding value to customers’ businesses as well as to the organization. Apart from this, he also leads the HR Department, implementing various policies to scale up the organization to be a Great Place to Work.

Rajesh Kannan

Rajesh Kannan - Head of Products

Rajesh Kannan is the Subject Matter Expert (SME). He has more than 32 years of experience, out of which 22+ years were in the IT industry, offering business solutions through ERP, Enterprise Applications, System Integrations, etc., for medium and large customers. He heads the products covering AgriTech, Pharma, Process Manufacturing, and Healthcare.He has a strong knowledge and understanding of business processes across industry verticals, along with good customer relationship skills, giving high value proposition to customers.

Embrace Digital Transformation in Contract Management

Learn how you can leverage our expertise to streamline the contract process, improve governance, mitigate risks, and enable cross-functional collaborations.

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